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Extremely RARE 1920s beaded snake Trench Art.


Turkish War -  May 19, 1919 – Oct 29, 1923


During WWI Turkish prisoners of war made crocheted, beaded snake souvenirs to sell or to send to family. After the war the craft spread and became a cottage industry. During the 1920s and 30s these beaded snakes were made as wearable jewelry. This is one such example. 


The snake is super flexible due to its crocheted body. There is a caramel colored beaded loop at the end of the tail to slip the head into in order to wear as a necklace. This snake is done in gorgeous caramel glass beds with black and white spots and a black ring around its neck. White eyes outlined in black, with two black diamonds on the head. The mouth opens to expose the crocheted inner mouth, and there is a triangular red beaded tongue! Belly is done in white beads. 16" long end to end.


 The tongues beads of the snack are usually gone in most trench snake pieces from this time. This beautiful piece of history is even more rare due to having these beads still intact. 




Extremely RARE 1920s beaded snake necklace



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